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Homecoming weekend at the Hope House

Hope House has many traditions. One among them is "Homecoming Weekend" where all our graduates are invited back to the Hope House one weekend in a year. For many graduates, it is the most anticipated weekend. They have built so many memories over the years of staying at the Hope House, they want to come back to cherish them and also to share with those that are at the Hope House now.

Following is a write up sent by one of organizers of the homecoming weekend:

A quote goes like this "Our memories can keep our friendship strong / Even when we are apart for so long". To make more memories to cherish, we started to plan our Homecoming weekend two months back to have it on the 23rd and 24th of December.

We were all very excited because this is the time we can meet all of our contemporaries who were there in the Hope House around the time we were there. It's been 2 years since we had a homecoming weekend because of COVID.

Our most awaited day had come - the 23rd of December. Everyone started arriving and we started to chat with the kids. we had lunch (biryani with chicken) then we started to make a backdrop for our photoshoot.

The graduates and the kids made the beautiful backdrop then our uncle came, and we played games and took photos with uncle and also among ourselves from 2016 to 2023 batches. We played games with the kids and then had dinner with Chapathi and Chicken curry.

Prepared the place for campfire for the night. When the campfire started, we felt like our real fun started.

We began playing loud music and danced around the fire and we shared our favorite time at the hope house. Our memories. We ended the day with a small prayer. The next day we all had breakfast at Hope House (bread and omelets) and one by one started to leave. It's not compulsory for anyone to feel forced to come but we come anyway because we feel like we are the daughters of the Hope House and we belong to this place. These two days gave us so many memories once again, to cherish till we meet again in 2024 homecoming weekend.

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