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my six months at the Hope House

These last six months have been a roller coaster of emotions for me. In this time, I've experienced so many emotions, ranging from homesickness, overwork and isolation to overwhelming happiness, unforgettable memories and stunning encounters. But one thing is clear: I am beyond grateful to be able to spend these last six months here. I have learned so much-about other cultures, dealing with babies, finding my way around a new country, about myself and so much more. I will not trade anything for this experience. As I will leave in one week, I want to make a little recap of my stay here at Hope House and my experiences.

I must admit that the first weeks were rather hard for me. I was overwhelmed by everything and everyone and was just waiting for the time to gets over. But after some time, I got settled in, and now I can say this is an ongoing process. The longer I stay here, the more comfortable I get and the more I would want to stay longer.

Every morning I go to the adoption centre and help out there. Even if I had difficulties dealing with the babies at the beginning and being helpful, I would say that I can already be a support in part. Feeding, weighing in sleep, washing, moving clothes, cleaning and playing have also been part of my daily tasks. The babies have grown so close to my heart over this time, and I will miss them very much. The fact that the first babies are now getting adopted makes it a little bit easier for me to go and makes me so happy.

We always spent time with the children in the afternoon. We have planned projects, here is a small overview of our program:

we baked cookies together

we watched movies together

we planted trees together

We crafted together

went on a trip together

But not every day looked like that. Often we have also simply participated in their everyday life and ...

...chopped some vegetables

...went on walks

...played together

...celebrated festivals like pongal

...or valentinesday

No matter what we did together, we had fun. We got to know the Indian life, which is very different from what we know, and have still realized that people are no different. I have taken every single girl very much into my heart and will miss the daily conversations with them so much.  All in all, I am incredibly sad having to leave the Hope House so soon. It is an incredibly important place that provides many children with a good foundation for a beautiful future. I am very grateful to be a part of this place and will definitely come back!

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