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The special Easter 2024

Easter - a day of joy. This is how Lina and I fondly remember the special day from our childhood. This is why it has been important to us to create a memorable and joyful experience for the children here at the Hope House as well. In Germany, there is a delightful tradition where the Easter bunny hides small presents and candies for the little ones to find, adding an extra layer of joy and surprise to the day. The Easter preparations have started a day before by baking chocolate cakes, which we used on the next day to prepare chocolate Easter eggs. Early in the morning of march 31, Lina and I woke up to hide the presents and the candies for the girls.

Afterwards, at around 4:30 am, the girls and us went to a special Easter service at a hill. All of them looked so pretty in their special outfits for church.

When we arrived, we found a beautifully decorated area with a lot of lights and candles. The service itself was held in Tamil and in English and was very much enjoyed by all of us, as well as the Snack and coffee we were given afterwards.

After the service, we returned back to Hope House and Lina and I explained the meaning of the Easter bunny and also the fact, that it has found its way to the Hope House as well. The children were very excited and immediately started running around on the property in order to find the hidden treasures. The presents were hidden in a lot of different places as the inside of the auto, on top of a tree, underneath a tire, on stairs and many more places. Luckily, everything was found, leaving everyone with a big smile in their faces. It was very fulfilling to see the excitement, joy and appreciation of the girls.

We then started finishing the chocolate Easter eggs with a few of the girls and children.

After enjoying the special Easter lunch, the girls were delighted to receive visits from church members, which added to their joy. Seeing how much they appreciated these moments made the day even more special for us.

Easter has truly been a day filled with joy, happiness and cherished memories for everyone.

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