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Updated: Sep 20, 2023

It was December 11th, 2004. I told my wife that I want to take her out on a date. Because on December 12th we were to fly to Los Angeles to receive our daughter (Lydia) whom we are adopting from India. Lydia is expected to arrive on December 13th with an escort from Kolkota by Thai Air. On December 12th, a friend of us, wanted to take both of us out for dinner in LA. That means this is our last day together by ourselves.

Normally when we went out to eat we wouldn't be dressy but this day we both of us decided to treat each other so we were dressed formally and went to a trendy American restaurant called "Harrigans" on 50th street and Memphis in Lubbock, TX. Ate the foods of our choice, enjoyed that time together very much. It was simply a romantic getaway together probably for one last time. The whole time we talked about the eight years we were together ranging from our college days, marriage, fights, and the difficulties that we had endured together. OfCourse, we talked also about the new arrival that is to join us in two days' time. When we reached home, we felt more closer to each other as we both recognized and respected the need. The best thing that we did after we reached home was to write in our child's diary about what we did. It was our hope then that when our daughter reads this entry, she recognizes the love and respect we had for each other. December 13th came and our bundle of joy was in our arms. Well....that means it is never going to be the same again to take my bride out just to be by ourselves. If I have to tell you something about 'babymoon' (like honeymoon), it is this: Don't underestimate the need of your spouse to be with you to support you. Do all that you can to let your spouse know how much they mean to you. After all you both need each other when your child arrives. Get out and enjoy the 'babymoon' now.

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