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This partnership is not about money but something more than that....

Couple of days ago, I received a notification from my personal web based email account saying that my account has reached its maximum capacity and I cannot use my email account anymore. I couldn't afford not to use it so I decided to delete the unnecessary emails but the problem was that I have approximtely 30K emails to sift through.

I started off with my oldest emails to begin with and that went as far back as 2011 and during the process, I found an email that simply made my day. It is the email that I wrote on November 6th, 2012 to three employees who were working for Give (formerly 'GiveIndia') to evaluate The HOPE House to see if it can be listed to raise funds on their platform.

You can read my letter for yourself to see how excited I was to have been an approved NGO to be on their platform and also my reasoning to hang in there despite the process being extremely tough to go through.

This post is to share with all our #supporters about what has happened since this #partnership began 11 years ago.

Hope House is one among the handful of Indian #NGOs that Give calls "GiveAssured NGO's" which have to go through a much tougher yearly renewal process than others. I personally don't enjoy this process but I am willing to do it for the rewards it offers in return. Give's secure payment gateway is the only one that we use by creating multiple campaigns based on our needs throughout the year. They automated the issuance of tax deductible receipts on our behalf to our Indian donors (10BE) and US donors (501c3 receipts). They conduct fundraising campaigns twice a year and we win prizes over and above our intended donations. They put the technology to its best use

Over a period of time, our operations have become stronger with accountability, transperancy and strong governance standards incorporated which we owe it all to Give. They are patient yet assertive to put up with my procrastination every year. Because of our association with Give, other partnership doors had opened and today we proudly partner with the Government of India by implementing their #childline1098 program.

Today, I have become the biggest advocate of Give and go around encouraging other NGO's to take advantage of the benefits that Give offers.

Although initially we desired to partner with Give for financial assistance, it is their credibility and their endorsement of our operations through their strict deligence process we cherish the most. We say a big thank you to everyone who works at Give for trusting our work and giving us the wind benath our wings to soar to become who we are today. God bless.

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