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Winner of 'Child of the Month' award

Two days ago, we had an unannounced competition among the children, staff and our graduates. They have to write as many names of the countries as they possibly can in five minutes. This young lady wrote 54 countries and became the joint winner of the competition along with a graduate. If given time, we know that she would have crossed 100 easily.

Meet Bhavana - winner of this month's (for January) 'Child of the Month' award.

This is a monthly award given by The HOPE House after deliberations among the staff on aspects like academics, ladership qualities, extracurricular activities, health and empathy etc.

She is only in 9th grade but her sight is on something that is long way off from today yet she is razor sharp focussed on reaching there some day. She is a civil services aspirant and started laying the foundation for it already. Watches news every day, reads newspapers (especially editorials and op-ed columns), and reads magazines.

She is competitive yet kind, assertive yet respectful. In the award citation, it was written that she is very respectful of the staff and gets along with all the children. We are very proud of Bhavana for the way she is shaping herself and we know that she has a bright future.

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