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Daytrip to Mahabalipuram

We planned to go on a trip to Mahabalipuram on Friday, the 26th of January. All the children and staff from the children's home, as well as the staff of the Baby Adoption Agency, along with their own children, participated in this excursion.


Firstly, Lili and I would like to express our appreciation to our friends and family, without them we could not have raised the sum of 1500 euros. The entire trip would not have been possible without this money. We had intended to take the kids on an excursion, lasting several days, but due to numerous issues, we were unable to make this trip.

Our trip started early in the morning with a 3-hour bus ride and a little stop for breakfast. The children had the biggest fun, were dancing and singing during the whole ride. When we reached Mahabalipuram, we first went to see some temples. The 26th of January is also the Republic Day of India and because of that the city was very crowded.

We all wanted to shop a little bit, so we spent some time at a market near to the temple. We had great weather, almost too hot, so we enjoyed eating ice cream and fruits.

Shopping is exhausting and after we had lunch, we headed to the beach. We all enjoyed the cooling water, the kids were playing and loved being at the beach. Then, unfortunately, a horrible accident happened. Two strangers were in the water too far away from the beach and as far as we know didn’t survive it. Everyone was shocked and of course the fun ended immediately.

Although, the children were allowed to drive on the carousel, but then we immediately left the beach. To bring the trip to a close, we went to a beautiful garden and shopped again a little bit.

Almost everyone fell asleep on the bus ride back home. We were all exhausted, but, although what happened, happy. The trip ended with a nice dinner, and we all watched a movie on the bus ride home.

I am very glad that we could make this trip with the children. Together we created unforgettable memory’s and I hope they can experience more of these trips.

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