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Poor girl from a small village got admission to MBBS - First Hope House graduate to have done it.

For some people, challenges in life acts as an aversion and they quickly give up while others use such challenges to inspire themselves to sustain to go to the higher ground. Meet Sharmila who chose to be in the latter group.

She hails from a small village in Vellore district and she is third of the five siblings (one boy and four girls). Her parents worked as agriculture laborers. At a very young age, her father succumbed to chronic illness which the family couldn’t afford financially.

Witnessing the financial difficulties of the family and the toll that it had taken on everyone of them, Sharmila made a promise to herself to work hard to become a doctor. She was studying in a government school at Machambut village in Vellore district. Her daily routine would include going to school on the weekdays and helping her family in the evenings and on the holidays at agriculture fields. Her mother wanted the best for her children but not knowing how to care for five of them, admitted three of her daughters at the Hope House through the support of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Vellore District.

At the Hope House, we witnessed how much she knew exactly what she wants to achieve in life and how she intends to go about achieving it. She studied in English medium and worked hard. Seeing her sharpness and knowing her desire, teachers at the Karnambat Government higher secondary school went out of their way to support and accommodate to nurture her.

In the middle of all the cacophony of the challenges of cracking NEET by the students in Government schools, came the good news in 2020 that 7.5% seat in NEET exam in Tamilnadu will be reserved for the students from Government schools. Her sharper focus became crystal clear that she wanted exploit this window of opportunity.

She finished 12th grade last year (2021) but didn’t score good rank in the NEET exam but that didn’t deter her from sitting at home and preparing. She couldn’t afford NEET coaching so just with whatever the tools that are available on the net, friends and others she began preparing for one whole year.

This year (2022), she appeared and scored a very good score and she knew that she will make it to a government medical college. She went for counselling and got admission to Krishnagiri medical college in the state of Tamilnadu today (20th October, 2022).

All the expenses (Tuition, Lodging & Boarding) will be covered by the state Government but there are other expenses we want to support her with. After all, she is going to be in the midst of diverse groups of people and we want her to be an equal. We are raising funds for her books and monthly expenses. If you think that you can help, click here.

She is the first of the Hope House students to have ever cracked NEET exam and we are looking for Sharmila’s success to pave the way for more students at the Hope House to dream big.

Sharmila, we are all extremely proud of your achievement and this success is totally yours and you deserve every bit of it. Hold your chin up yet learn to walk with humility for what you have received and never forget your roots.

You go girl, God’s speed.

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