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They want to learn GK and CA ..…. Hope House girls do this unbelievable thing to learn.

Couple of months ago, when I was teaching the geography to the girls using a globe, I observed that there are a few girls that are much smarter than others. More I observed, more I was convinced that they are special kids.

I requested our program manager to get them a daily Tamil newspaper, a laptop and a smart phone so that they can learn more like our own children do at our homes but with strong guardrails to ensure their protection.

I encouraged them to teach what they are learning through a video program called “Vaanga Kaththukkulaam” (means ‘Come let’s learn’). So far they have produced 7 episodes and the feedback has been encouraging and the girls also are pumped to do more of such videos to learn even more. You can visit their youtube playlist at this link:

They know about Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam but they only know it being available to become a beauracrat after completing graduation but I introduced them to take the same exam right after 12th grade to join the armed forces or to take NEET to join Military Nursing Service (MNS). For them, it is absolutely outside the realm of the conventional career choices but it is well within their interest in terms of subjects.

They still have 3 to 4 years to complete 12th grade so they are determined to make these videos to learn GK and CA and take shot at UPSC to become officers in the armed forces.

Couldn’t be any more prouder of them.

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