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Way to double your impact in the social sector


A couple of months ago, a good friend who works for MNC in India called to tell me that he wanted to designate The HOPE House as the intended beneficiary of his company's prize money that he earned. We agreed and I got a message from his company in the USA saying that we need to be listed by a platform called Benevity - Alberta, Canada, based software company that enables companies to improve their business impact by promoting social impact, to receive the funds. We completed and received the funds.

A couple of weeks ago, an unknown person of India origin from the US who also works for MNC there, called and said that she wants to donate because her company is a partner of Benevity and the hope house is listed there. She called to learn more about our work. Apparently, partner companies of Benevity matches the employees donations to NGO's and Benevity processes the transfer of funds. Later on, she wrote to tell me that she made the donation.

This got me thinking to learn more about Benevity, so there I went on a learning spree. To my pleasant surprise, Benevity partners with hundreds of MNC of Fortune1000 companies to promote donations and volunteerism among the respective company's' employees. I couldn't fit all the companies that are partnering with Benevity in my collage but I think you get an idea.

So, here is our call to action: If you work for MNC and touched by the message of our work, would you be kind to check with your company's HR to see if they partner with Benevity? If they do, you can double your impact by donating to the Hope House (because we are already listed by them) through Benevity platform of your company because your company also matches your donation. God bless.

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