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Educational Tour to the city of Hyderabad - Day 1

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

We reached Hyderabad at around 6:30 AM and we had our rented vehicle waiting for us to take us to DonBosco facility. By 8:30 AM, we had our breakfast and on our way to Wonderla by 9:00 AM.

This drive brought some new perspective for me and the reason for that is this: : As we began traveling to wonderla, girls wanted to dance and I discouraged them because I didn’t want them to get too tired by the time we reached Wonderla. So, our coordinator was playing melodious Tamil music on the vehicle’s bluetooth and most of the girls were singing along.

One of our girls came and sat next to me. She too was singing and enjoying it but after sometime, she became quiet. I looked at her and she was teary eyed. I asked her but she politely declined to answer but our Coordinator said that perhaps the song about the mother that she was playing reminded her about her mother who simply walked away in thin air leaving her and younger brother to fend for themselves.

This perspective was priceless because our educational tours are more than educational. For some girls, it may be educational but for many, it may be the release of a pressure valve. With this perspective, I was ready to do anything for our children to have the best of the experiences today.

On the dot at 11:00 AM (park opening time), we were there at the Wonderla theme park and we left the park around 7:45 PM (closing time was 7:00 PM). In between, girls had enjoyed in almost every ride that they could think of. Even when we were driving back, girls had so much energy that they were dancing in the vehicle.

The girl who gave me a new perspective this morning enroute to Wonderla, again came and sat next to me on our return journey. I wanted to know if this trip to Wonderla made any difference and she said that she enjoyed every second of it. I knew then that the effort was worth it.

I have added 13 new photos to their album and you can access the album here

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